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Welcome to the world of Yester-Years, a captivating series that takes you on a thrilling journey through time. In this intriguing story, we meet Cynthia, a woman dissatisfied with her mundane 9-5 life and yearning for something more. Her deepest desire is to relive her college days and have the chance to date Boyd Matheson, who would later become a highly successful film producer. However, Cynthia's wish takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a supernatural red light entity that grants her the power to travel back in time. From this point on, Cynthia embarks on a series of incredible adventures as she finds herself transported to different historical periods. In Yester-Years, you will witness Cynthia's escapades as she navigates through significant moments in history. She must evade the notorious Manson family, assist a runaway slave in reaching Harriet Tubman during the Underground Railroad era, and even face accusations of witchcraft during the infamous Salem witch trials. As each episode unfolds, you will be captivated by Cynthia's experiences and eagerly anticipate where her time-traveling abilities will take her next. Will she be able to alter the course of history? How far back will she travel through Yester Years? To watch this enthralling series, simply visit our streaming platform on Amazon Prime Video. Follow the provided links (, ) to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Yester-Years. Prepare to be transported through time and experience the thrill of Cynthia's extraordinary journey. Join us as we delve into the past, exploring the untold stories that shape our present. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Yester-Years!


Cynthia is unhappy with her 9-5 lower class life style and wishes she could go back in time to her college days and date Boyd Matheson. Who would later grow up to be a highly successful film producer, making Cynthia’s life more richer. She get’s her wish by a supernatural red light entity, only it sends her back through various time periods. From escaping the Manson family, helping a runaway slave make it to Harriet Tubman, and being accused of witch craft in Salem. Only time will tell, how far back Cynthia will travel through…Yester Years.

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