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"Traffic" is a compelling drama that delves into the complex and multifaceted war on drugs in the United States of America. This thought-provoking film explores the issue from various perspectives, shedding light on the devastating consequences and far-reaching impact of drug abuse. The story follows the newly appointed head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, whose personal life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that his well-educated daughter is struggling with cocaine addiction within their seemingly idyllic suburban home. This revelation forces him to confront the harsh realities of the drug epidemic and fuels his determination to make a difference. Meanwhile, in Mexico, a flawed yet honorable policeman agrees to testify against a powerful general who is involved with a dangerous cartel. This decision puts his life at risk but also highlights the corruption and complexities within law enforcement agencies battling drug trafficking. In San Diego, we witness the transformation of a sheltered trophy wife whose husband, a prominent drug kingpin, is arrested. As she navigates her way through her husband's ruthless business dealings, her luxurious lifestyle becomes endangered, forcing her to confront uncomfortable truths about her own complicity. To watch "Traffic," you can find it on various platforms such as PeacockTV (https://www.peacocktv.com/watch/asset/movies/drama/traffic/b79eebea-71d6-3628-8f89-a1fd4c97512c), DIRECTV (https://www.directv.com/movies/Traffic-YXh3d3E2eTNSYUdKRGFsWExqeHdEZz09), and Amazon Prime Video (https://watch.amazon.com/detail?gti=amzn1.dv.gti.2aa9f7b4-0a84-923c-7b17-eb1a5abb0e0f). Prepare to be captivated by this gripping portrayal of the war on drugs and its profound impact on individuals and society as a whole.


An exploration of the United States of America’s war on drugs from multiple perspectives. For the new head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the war becomes personal when he discovers his well-educated daughter is abusing cocaine within their comfortable suburban home. In Mexico, a flawed, but noble policeman agrees to testify against a powerful general in league with a cartel, and in San Diego, a drug kingpin’s sheltered trophy wife must learn her husband’s ruthless business after he is arrested, endangering her luxurious lifestyle.

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