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"They Call Me Jeeg" is an Italian superhero film that tells the story of Enzo Ceccotti, a small-time crook who gains super-strength after being exposed to radioactive waste. This misanthropic and introverted brute initially uses his newfound powers for personal gain. However, everything changes when he encounters Alessia, a mentally ill girl who firmly believes that Enzo is the hero from her favorite anime series, Steel Jeeg. If you're eager to watch this unique and captivating film, you can find it on various platforms. One option is Vudu, where you can stream "They Call Me Jeeg" by visiting their website at [Vudu link]. Additionally, you can also enjoy this thrilling superhero tale on Apple TV. Simply head over to [Apple TV link] to access the movie and immerse yourself in Enzo's extraordinary journey. Whether you prefer Vudu or Apple TV, both platforms provide convenient ways to watch "They Call Me Jeeg" from the comfort of your own home. So grab some popcorn and get ready to witness Enzo Ceccotti's transformation into an unexpected hero alongside Alessia in this gripping Italian superhero flick.


After coming in contact with radioactive waste, small-time crook Enzo Ceccotti gains super-strength. A misanthropic, introverted brute, he uses his new powers for personal gain until he meets Alessia, a mentally ill girl who believes Enzo is the hero from her favorite anime Steel Jeeg.

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