The Outpost


Christopher Clark was an eco-warrior, a remarkable Scotsman who created his own personal Outpost of progress in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. It was the model for a utopian society based on the perfect balance between nature and technology, protected and run by the inhabitants of the forest. Unfortunately, the situation got worse year by year, and in the film, a new huge wildfire now threatens to destroy the Outpost. Chris takes a gamble and decides to pit an equally spectacular event against the destruction of the forest: a Pink Floyd concert inside the green inferno, as a way to convince the Brazilian government to set up a nature reserve. To a dreamer like him, anything is possible, and he may well be right: in a world careening towards the apocalypse, being a bit crazy is the only form of resistance there is. But can we really save the rainforest? We, the children of the same capitalist system that is destroying it?

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