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Are you in the mood for a hilarious and unconventional comedy set in medieval Italy? Look no further than "The Little Hours." Set in Garfagnana, Italy, in the year 1347, this film takes us on a wild journey filled with laughter and unexpected twists. The story follows Masseto, a handsome servant who seeks refuge in a nunnery to escape his vengeful master. Little does he know that the nunnery is home to three young nuns - Sister Alessandra, Sister Ginevra, and Sister Fernanda - who are all grappling with their own existential crises. Each nun approaches the conundrum of finding their purpose in life in unique and hilarious ways. If you're ready for an uproarious adventure that combines historical settings with modern humor, then "The Little Hours" is a must-watch film. You can catch it on Hulu (https://www.hulu.com/watch/6fad16d5-a2f9-4386-8dc7-dc430bd57da7), Amazon Prime Video (https://watch.amazon.com/detail?gti=amzn1.dv.gti.8ab680fe-0616-9964-f3ad-c208974bae59), or Apple TV (https://tv.apple.com/us/movie/the-little-hours/umc.cmc.5rsv1ztdiaw3rv7vpk0h3454q?playableId=tvs.sbd.9001%3A1708074254). Get ready to laugh out loud as you join Masseto and the quirky nuns on their quest for purpose!


Garfagnana, Italy, 1347. The handsome servant Masseto, fleeing from his vindictive master, takes shelter in a nunnery where three young nuns, Sister Alessandra, Sister Ginevra and Sister Fernanda, try unsuccessfully to find out what their purpose in life is, a conundrum that each of them faces in different ways.

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