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Welcome to the world of "The Homecoming," a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the complex issues surrounding cultural artifacts and their rightful place of origin. Directed by Suvi West, this film takes viewers on a journey behind the scenes of the museum world, shedding light on the struggles faced by indigenous communities, specifically the Sámi people. "The Homecoming" explores the poignant story of Sámi artifacts from the Finnish National Museum making their way back to Sápmi, the ancestral homeland of the Sámi people. These objects hold immense significance for the Sámi community, representing not only their dignity and identity but also their history and connection to ancestors. However, while some artifacts are being returned, others remain imprisoned in European museum basements – most notably, the holy drums of the Sámi people. Through powerful storytelling and intimate interviews, Director Suvi West invites us to reflect on the spirit encapsulated within these objects and raises important questions about cultural inequality and colonialist burdens carried by museums. "The Homecoming" serves as a catalyst for discussions surrounding cultural heritage preservation, restitution, and decolonization. To watch "The Homecoming" and delve into this captivating exploration of culture and identity, you can find it on The Roku Channel. Join us as we embark on a journey that challenges our perceptions and encourages us to reevaluate our understanding of cultural heritage in an increasingly globalized world.


Sámi artefacts from the Finnish National Museum are returning home to Sápmi, while the holy drums of the Sámi people are still imprisoned in the basements of museums across Europe. The returning objects symbolise the dignity, identity, history, connection to ancestors and a whole world view that was taken from the Sámi people. Director Suvi West takes the viewer behind the scenes of the museum world to reflect on the spirit of the objects, the inequality of cultures and the colonialist burden of museums.

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