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Welcome to the world of "The Big Shave," a short film that delves into the depths of symbolism and metaphor. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this thought-provoking piece takes us on a journey through a meticulously clean and sterile bathroom, where a young man embarks on a disturbing act of self-mutilation. As the scene unfolds, we witness the gradual transformation from shaving hair to shedding blood, creating a graphic and unsettling atmosphere. "The Big Shave" has captivated the attention of film critics worldwide, who have dissected its underlying meaning. Many have interpreted this harrowing portrayal as an allegory for the self-destructive involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War. Through the young man's actions, Scorsese masterfully conveys the consequences of engaging in a destructive cycle, drawing parallels between personal choices and larger societal issues. To experience this profound exploration of symbolism and social commentary firsthand, you can watch "The Big Shave" on Max Play. This platform offers an immersive viewing experience that allows you to delve into Scorsese's vision and unravel its intricate layers. Prepare yourself for an intense journey that will leave you pondering long after the credits roll. Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness one of Scorsese's early works, which showcases his exceptional storytelling prowess and ability to provoke deep introspection. Join us as we venture into "The Big Shave" and unravel its powerful message about personal destruction amidst a backdrop of war.


A young man walks into a meticulously clean and sterile bathroom and proceeds to shave away hair, then skin, in an increasingly bloody and graphic bathroom scene. Many film critics have interpreted the young man’s process of self-mutilation as a metaphor for the self-destructive involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War.

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