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Introduction: In the gripping film (Suppressed), viewers are taken on a journey through the life of Martin, a once successful veterinarian whose world is turned upside down by a tragic incident. This life-altering event leaves him unable to communicate with the outside world, forcing him into a state of complete isolation. Throughout the film, we hear the perspectives of three important women in Martin's life: his wife, his mother, and Jana, his colleague who owned the horse he was treating on that fateful day. To watch this captivating story unfold, (Suppressed) can be streamed online at (). Through this platform, viewers can delve into the emotional turmoil experienced by Martin and witness how his relationships with these women shape his journey towards acceptance and understanding.


Martin was a veterinarian at the top of his game, until a dramatic life changing incident at work. It resulted in an inability to communicate with the world, spending the rest of his days in total isolation. The women in Martin’s life are the narrators: his wife, his mother and his colleague, Jana, whose horse he was treating on that fateful day.

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