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Are you ready for a magical journey to the Moon? In the animated film "Moonbound," Peter embarks on an extraordinary adventure to rescue his little sister, Anne, who has been kidnapped by the evil Moon Man. Determined to save her, Peter must navigate mysterious territory and encounter fascinating characters along the way. One of the places where you can watch "Moonbound" is on Hulu. By visiting their website or app, you can immerse yourself in this enchanting tale and follow Peter's quest to find his sister. Additionally, "Moonbound" is available for streaming on Apple TV. With just a few clicks, you can join Peter as he lands on the Star Meadow and meets Mr. Sandman. Together, they embark on a thrilling race against the five Spirits of Nature in search of Anne. So, if you're looking for an exciting animated film filled with adventure and magic, don't miss out on watching "Moonbound." Head over to Hulu or Apple TV now and get ready to be captivated by this fantastical journey to rescue Anne from the clutches of the Moon Man.


When Peter sets out on a magical journey to rescue his little sister Anne, he needs to travel to mysterious territory: the Moon! Anne was kidnapped by the evil Moon Man when she tried to help the beetle Mr. Zoomzeman in search for his wife. On his fantastic adventure, Peter lands on the Star Meadow where he meets the sleepy Mr. Sandman. He knows, only at the Night Fairy’s dinner in the castle in the clouds, they can find out where Anne is – but there aren’t enough seats for everyone. So they join the wild race along the Milky Way against the five Spirits of Nature: Storm Giant, Lightning Witch, Henry Hail, Rainy Robin and Mother Frost…

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