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Miranda's Victim is a gripping film that tells the true story of Trish Weir, a woman who endured unimaginable trauma in 1963. Kidnapped and brutally raped by Ernesto Miranda, Trish's life takes a devastating turn as she becomes determined to seek justice and put her assailant behind bars. However, little did she know that her pursuit of justice would trigger a legal transformation that would impact the entire nation. If you're eager to watch this powerful and thought-provoking film, you can find it on various platforms. One option is to stream Miranda's Victim on Apple TV, where you can access it through this link: [insert Apple TV link]. Another platform where you can enjoy this compelling story is Fandango, which offers an overview of the movie along with options for viewing: [insert Fandango link]. Prepare yourself for an emotional journey as Miranda's Victim delves into the harrowing experiences of Trish Weir and sheds light on the flaws within America's legal system. This film serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength exhibited by survivors like Trish, whose lives are forever altered by traumatic events. Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness this impactful story unfold before your eyes.


The true story of Trish Weir who in 1963 was kidnapped and brutally raped by Ernesto Miranda. Committed to putting her assailant in prison, Trish’s life is destroyed by America’s legal system as she triggers a law that transforms the nation.

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