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Introduction: Martin Luther King Jr. was a prominent figure in the American Civil Rights Movement, known for his tireless efforts in advocating for racial equality and justice. His powerful speeches and nonviolent protests continue to inspire people around the world today. If you are interested in learning more about Martin Luther King's life and legacy, there are several platforms where you can watch documentaries and films that delve into his remarkable journey. One such platform is Kanopy, an online streaming service that offers a wide range of educational and informative content. You can find a documentary titled "King: A Legacy of Dream" on Kanopy, which provides an in-depth exploration of Martin Luther King's life, his impact on society, and his enduring legacy. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video also offers opportunities to learn about Martin Luther King through various films and documentaries. One such option is the documentary "King: A Legacy of Dream," available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. This film delves into the life of Martin Luther King Jr., highlighting his significant contributions to the civil rights movement. By watching these documentaries and films, you can gain a deeper understanding of Martin Luther King's struggles, achievements, and the lasting impact he has had on shaping our society. Whether you choose to watch them on Kanopy or Amazon Prime Video, these platforms provide convenient access to educational content that celebrates the life and teachings of this influential leader. In conclusion, if you are interested in exploring the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., there are multiple platforms where you can watch documentaries and films that shed light on his remarkable journey. Through these sources like Kanopy or Amazon Prime Video, you can gain valuable insights into his fight for racial equality and his enduring impact on society.


In a small village where caste politics rules the roost, amid a local election with two rival political parties vying to win by any means necessary, an underprivileged hairdresser becomes the game changer and lands in a curiously powerful position as the single deciding vote.

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