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Are you in the mood for an exciting and unconventional romance? Look no further than "Kidnap For Romance," a thrilling film that takes you on a wild ride of unexpected love. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker, this movie tells the story of Ena, a talented stuntwoman hailing from a family of looters. Ena's life takes an unexpected turn when her mother falls ill and desperately needs money to settle her medical bills. In her time of need, Ena turns to her godfather for assistance. Little does she know that this favor will lead her down a path she never imagined. Ena's godfather assigns her with a daring mission - to abduct Fred Tan, the heir and grandson of one of the wealthiest men in the Philippines. The plan is simple: hold Fred captive until his family pays a hefty ransom. However, things quickly take an unforeseen twist when Elena successfully captures Fred but finds herself on the brink of being caught by the police. In their desperate attempt to evade capture, Elena and Fred seek refuge at a luxurious villa owned by Fred's family. It is within these walls that their lives become intertwined in ways they could have never anticipated. As Elena becomes momentarily distracted, Fred seizes the opportunity to escape. But Elena is determined not to let him slip away and engages in a fierce struggle to keep him captive. Their intense argument takes an unexpected turn when Fred's grandfather, Henry, unexpectedly pays a visit to the villa. To Henry's surprise, he stumbles upon Elena and Fred in what appears to be an improper position. This discovery sets off a chain reaction that leads Henry to hatch an unusual plan - he decides that Elena and Fred should get married as soon as possible. Now forced into an unconventional situation, Elena and Fred must navigate their way through pretending that their relationship is more than just a botched kidnapping. As they embark on this charade, they discover hidden depths within themselves and each other, leading to a love story that defies all odds. To experience the thrilling and heartwarming tale of "Kidnap For Romance," head over to Fandango. There, you can watch this captivating film and witness the unlikely love story unfold before your eyes. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Ena and Fred's journey takes them from kidnapping to romance in the most unexpected way.


Ena is a stuntwoman from a family of looters. When her mother needs money to settle her medical bill, she asks her godfather for assistance. Her godfather assigns Elena to abduct Fred Tan, the heir and grandson of one of the richest men in the Philippines, and hold him captive for ransom. When Elena succeeds in capturing Fred and is nearly apprehended by the police, they hide at a villa owned by Fred’s family. While Elena is distracted, Fred tries to escape. Elena wrestles with him to prevent him from running away. In the midst of their argument, Fred’s grandfather, Henry, pays a visit to the villa and sees them in an improper position. This leads to Henry planning to get them married as soon as possible. Now, Elena and Fred must pretend that their relationship is something more than a botched kidnapping.

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