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Innocent Voices is a captivating film that takes us back to the 1980s in war-torn El Salvador. It tells the story of a young boy who yearns for a normal childhood amidst the chaos and violence of his surroundings. As he navigates through the perils of war, he finds himself entangled in a fight for survival, desperately trying to avoid being consumed by the conflict that rages all around him. If you are eager to witness this gripping tale unfold, you can watch Innocent Voices on the streaming platform VIX. Immerse yourself in this poignant narrative and discover the resilience and courage of a young boy caught up in extraordinary circumstances.


A young boy, in an effort to have a normal childhood in 1980s El Salvador, is caught up in a dramatic fight for his life as he desperately tries to avoid the war which is raging all around him

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