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In a Heartbeat is a heartwarming animated short film that tells the story of a closeted boy who finds himself in a rather peculiar situation. This delightful tale follows the journey of this young protagonist as his own heart unexpectedly pops out of his chest, determined to chase down the boy he has fallen for. If you are eager to watch this charming and relatable story unfold, you can do so on various platforms. One option is Tubi TV, where you can find In a Heartbeat among their collection of movies. Additionally, you can also enjoy this endearing film on Amazon Prime Video, which offers an opportunity to delve into its heartfelt narrative. By visiting the provided links (, , ), you will have access to this captivating and beautifully crafted animated short. Prepare to be captivated by the emotional journey of our protagonist as he navigates the complexities of love and self-discovery. In a Heartbeat is sure to leave you with a warm feeling in your heart and remind you of the power of embracing your true self.


A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

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