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Humming is a captivating coming-of-age ensemble drama that delves into the complex emotions and hidden depths of its characters. At the center of the story is Toko, a woman who leads a casual life while working part-time at a telephone club. Everything changes when she crosses paths with Yokkun, the talented guitarist and vocalist of a soon-to-be-famous band. Yokkun is instantly drawn to Toko's unique charm, as she refuses to conform to societal norms and remains true to herself. However, as their relationship deepens, it becomes apparent that Toko harbors a painful past that has left her with trust issues. Whenever faced with important conversations or moments of vulnerability, Toko retreats into humming, avoiding confrontation and keeping her true feelings hidden. The film explores the intricate dynamics between Yokkun, his friends, and Toko as they navigate their own personal struggles while being entangled in her enigmatic web. It unravels the layers of Toko's elusive nature, revealing the heartbreak she experienced during her childhood and her subsequent inability to trust others fully. With its compelling storyline and well-rounded characters, Humming offers an intimate portrayal of youth and self-discovery. It takes viewers on an emotional journey through love, friendship, and the complexities of human connection. To watch this thought-provoking film in all its glory, head over to Criterion Channel where you can immerse yourself in this captivating tale.


Toko is a woman who lives her life casually while working part-time at a telephone club. One day, he meets Yokkun, the guitarist and vocalist of a popular band about to make its major debut. Yokkun falls in love with the charm of Toko who doesn’t stretch out, but when it comes time to talk about something important, Toko avoids it by humming. In the depths, there is Toko who is elusive. Heart broken in childhood. A heart that can’t trust people. A coming-of-age ensemble drama depicting Yokkun and his friends who are toyed with by Toko, who has a small darkness.

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