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Are you a fan of gripping high school dramas filled with ambition, rivalry, and unexpected romance? Look no further than "Honor Society," a captivating film that explores the cutthroat world of academic competition. The story revolves around Honor, an ambitious high school senior whose ultimate goal is to secure admission into Harvard. However, her dreams hinge on obtaining a recommendation letter from her guidance counselor, Mr. Calvin. Determined to do whatever it takes, Honor devises a Machiavellian-like plan to eliminate her top three student competitors. But just when things seem to be going according to plan, an unexpected twist occurs. Honor finds herself falling for none other than Michael, her biggest rival in the race for academic success. As their connection deepens, she must confront the dilemma of choosing between love and her relentless pursuit of victory. If this intriguing storyline has piqued your interest, you'll be delighted to know that "Honor Society" is available for viewing on various platforms. You can catch this enthralling film on Amazon Prime Video by visiting this link. Alternatively, you can also watch it on Apple TV by accessing this page. For those who prefer Vudu as their streaming platform of choice, "Honor Society" is available there too – simply click here to start watching. Prepare to be captivated by the intense competition, unexpected twists, and the blossoming romance in "Honor Society." Don't miss out on this thrilling film that delves into the complexities of ambition, love, and the sacrifices we make in pursuit of our dreams.


Honor is an ambitious high school senior whose sole focus is getting into Harvard, assuming she can first score the coveted recommendation from her guidance counselor, Mr. Calvin. Willing to do whatever it takes, Honor concocts a Machiavellian-like plan to take down her top three student competitors, until things take a turn when she unexpectedly falls for her biggest competition, Michael.

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