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Yuan Bin is a member of the Jinyiwei (Brocade Guards) and is ordered by Commander Ji Men Da to track down a military talisman. Yuan Bin leads his brothers in the Jinyiwei to victory against Mongolian mercenaries. Just when Yuan Bin is about to get the talisman, a figure brushes past and snatches it away. This figure is the Golden Sword Sect’s master, Tranquility. Yuan Bin chased after her and fought with Tranquility. As a result, Tranquility used a demonic spell and managed to escape. At the same time, Ji Men Da attacked the Golden Sword Sect, tortured them and found seven talismans. Together with the four talismans that Ji Men Da had hidden, he had eleven talismans in his possession. It turns out that Ji Menda is the one who wants the talisman the most. By coincidence, Yuan Bin and Tranquility found the last talisman at the bottom of the cliff, they escaped and looked for a chance to kill Ji Men Da. The twelve talismans are finally complete!

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