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Toivo, a university student comes back to the City to finish his bachelor’s degree. Upon arrival, he meets the face of disaster when his breadwinner brother, Simon, is murdered right before his eyes by a gang from which, Simon, borrowed money that he used to pay for Toivo’s tuition. The series of events involves his home being burned, leaving him and his sister, Maggy, with nowhere to go. Amidst all the chaos, Toivo unknowingly joins the same gang that’s responsible for his miserable life. As if that is not enough chaos, Toivo discovers that his sister, Maggy, has been prostituting herself in order to make ends meet since their brother’s passing. As his life crumbles away, Toivo is forced to put himself through education, protect the family and come to terms with the revelation that has been in bed with the same individual responsible for his current life.

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