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In the movie "Click," a married workaholic named Michael Newman finds himself struggling to balance his professional life with his family responsibilities. With the constant pressure to impress his ungrateful boss and secure a promotion, Michael's relationship with his wife and children suffers. However, everything changes when he encounters Morty, an eccentric sales clerk who presents him with a solution to his problems – a magical remote control. This remote control grants Michael the power to skip through mundane and time-consuming tasks in his life. As he starts using it, he realizes that it can fast-forward through life's little distractions, leading to increasingly hilarious and unpredictable consequences. While initially thrilled by the newfound convenience, Michael soon discovers that relying too heavily on this magical device comes at a cost. To watch "Click" and witness Michael's journey with the magical remote control, you can find it on various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video () and Apple TV (). These platforms provide convenient access to this entertaining film that explores the consequences of prioritizing work over family and the importance of cherishing life's precious moments.


A married workaholic, Michael Newman doesn’t have time for his wife and children, not if he’s to impress his ungrateful boss and earn a well-deserved promotion. So when he meets Morty, a loopy sales clerk, he gets the answer to his prayers: a magical remote that allows him to bypass life’s little distractions with increasingly hysterical results.

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