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If you're interested in watching the intriguing story of Bernadette Chirac, a woman who sought to reclaim her place in the spotlight, you can find it on platforms such as Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. In the film "Bernadette," we witness her journey as she arrives at the Elysée Palace with high hopes of achieving the recognition she believed she deserved. Having always worked behind the scenes to support her husband's political career, Bernadette finds herself sidelined due to being deemed old-fashioned. Determined to prove herself, she takes matters into her own hands and transforms into a prominent media personality. Explore this captivating tale of ambition, revenge, and resilience by streaming "Bernadette" on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.


When she arrived at the Elysée Palace, Bernadette Chirac expected to finally get the place she deserved, she who had always worked in the shadow of her husband to make him president. Put aside because she was considered too old-fashioned, Bernadette decided to take her revenge by becoming a major media figure.

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