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This is a Story of DSP Kumar who gets an Elephant whom they call Laxman for his son Ram in his childhood. Kumar sends his son away for further studies as when he is with Laxman he is always doing mischief. The boy grows up as “Mithun”. Ram falls in love with Meenu “Poonam Dhillon”. One day when Kumar is at Meenu’s house to talk to her mum about their marriage he sees Vicky “Sharat Saxena”, who used to be a goon. Vicky goes back and tells his partner Tejaa “Suresh Oberoi” and they both come back to kill Ram’s dad. After that both Ram and Laxman track both Vick and Tejaa to take revenge, as Laxman has seen the murder. Raaka “Mahendra Sandhu” whos is Meenu’s brother also helps them in this cause.

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