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Bulu and his cousin Anil are kidnapped by dacoit Ganesh and his gang when they fail to get money from their maternal uncle’s house. Ganesh says that he’ll free the kids if they give him 10,000 rupees. Ganesh takes the kids to his den. He develops feelings of love and affection for the kids especially Bulu. He starts taking great care of them. But, differences crop up among his gang members as they are against the kids being treated grandly. Ganesh protects the kids. A reward of 10,000 rupees is announced if anyone can give information about Ganesh. Ganesh plans to save the kids and hand them safely to their parents. Ganesh manages to save Bulu and Anil and take them home. His gang is caught by the police and he finally surrenders. Affection for the small girl brings about this change in dacoit Ganesh.

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