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  1. Streamline Your Search: No more juggling between multiple apps or web pages to find where your favorite movie or TV show is streaming. Enter Hooq, and we’ll show you all the legal platforms where you can watch it.

  2. Stay Updated: With the swift pace of the streaming world, new titles are added daily. We keep you informed about what’s new on popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and many others. Never miss out on the latest binge-worthy show or blockbuster movie.

  3. Customized Viewing: Everyone has their preference. Whether you’re a rom-com lover, a sci-fi enthusiast, or a documentary buff, our advanced filter system lets you narrow down choices so you see only what matters most to you.

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Unified Search

Find movies, shows across all streaming platforms quickly.

Tailored Recommendations

Personalized picks based on your viewing habits.

Instant Notifications

Alerts when favorites become available or trending.

User-Centric Filters

Narrow down choices; genre, language, platform.

Watchlist Management

Organize, track, and prioritize your viewing list.

Community Reviews

Share, read opinions on trending content.

Cross-Platform Sync

Seamless experience across devices and platforms.

Interactive Dashboard

Quick insights into preferences and streaming stats.

Let’s Work Together

We’re always looking for talented people to join Streamvid!
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Effortlessly connecting viewers with their next favorite title across all streaming platforms.
Our Vision
Fostering a unified community where content discovery meets shared passion for storytelling.
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Cultivating a space of innovation, collaboration, and shared love for digital entertainment.


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